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Ascension Clothing

The Aetherius T-shirt.

The Aetherius T-shirt.

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Intergalactic introduction 

Put your hands together and give a warm welcome to the latest member of the ascension family. We found Aetherius in slums of Shaolin amongst a galactic cluster of stars known to the locals as Ursa Wadeva! On a planet called  Zentious prime.  A hive for all kinds of  scum and villainy.

Fighting his way from the streets with his lyrical mastery. (now thats one straight up G) You can Help us manifest Aetherius's dreams of reaching the young hearts and minds of the universe and promoting a message of peace against violence by buying this T-shirt!

Join the Graffiti Invasion! 

Grab your piece of the cosmos and wear it proudly. The streets are your canvas, and this T-shirt is your masterpiece.

Are you ready to defy the ordinary? 

Embrace the unknown. Embrace the alien. 


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Customer Reviews

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Kieran Rowland
Great quality, great designs!!

Really good quality, comfy tee! Love the design!